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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically we recommend 4 visits weekly for a month, then we re-evaluate. Chinese medicine is very powerful, but it is also a gentle medicine that works with your body to heal at a pace that makes sense for your body.
Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that treats virtually any ailment known to humankind. According to the 2003 study on Acupuncture by the World Health Organization, effective acupuncture treatments were demonstrated for various diseases, disorders and conditions. You can check out the study here.
Acupuncture needles are much much smaller than your typical doctor’s needle. They are about as thin as hair (about 17 can fit inside the needles your regular doctor’s needle!) and many patients are surprised at how painless it is. Many patients describe a dull, aching feeling or nothing at all.

And yes, the needles are very safe. We are certified in clean needle technique and use only single-use, sterile acupuncture needles.

Needles are inserted in specific anatomical locations with the intent to stimulate circulation of blood and energy (known in Chinese as Qi, “chee”) and create balance. Additionally, various needling techniques can be utilized depending on the patient’s specific condition.
As with needles, safety is our #1 priority when it comes to prescribing herbs. We purchase from vendors who meet or exceed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and meet the highest standards of safety and quality. One of our suppliers is a family-run Bay area business whose Quality Assurance guidelines are described in detail. Organic herbs are available through KW Botanicals, and special orders can be arranged – please inquire!
Some herbs do contain wheat or are manufactured in a facility where wheat is present. We will have this highlighted in your medical chart and will follow strict precautions regarding herbal remedies we may prescribe.
Yes! Chinese medicine can strengthen reproductive health and improve fertility. One of our patients was kind enough to share her experience with us:

Tina is the first acupuncturist I’ve been to, and honestly I was a little nervous about getting a bunch of needles stuck in me. I went to see her to help my body prepare for pregnancy since I was having a bit of a hard time due to stress. In just 3 short months, I was pregnant! Tina was even able to feel my pulse and correctly predict the gender of my baby. “I”

Tea Talks

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