Needles and Tea provides acupuncture, tui na, cupping, gua sha, dietary counseling and herbal medicine prescriptions. We carry a full selection of raw Chinese herbs, herbal pill formulas and supplements to enhance your body’s natural healing. We also keep a stock of first aid and topical ointments that are great for soothing away aches, pains and injuries.



Tina Chin-Kaplan, LAc

Tina Chin-Kaplan, LAc
Tina Chin-Kaplan, LAcOwner, Needles and Tea
In 1995, Tina began her training in the healing arts through the study of Tai Ji Chuan, Taoism and Qi Gong under Dr. Alex Feng. After winning the 2001 Women’s National Championship in Tai Ji Chuan, she started to concentrate her training on internal healing and eventually enrolled at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) for four-year Masters in Science program in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While at ACTCM, she also completed her certification for Asian Body Therapy at ACTCM, specializing in Tui Na therapeutic massage.

To increase her clinical experience, Tina began interning at Dr. Alex Feng’s clinic in 2008. While earning her Master’s degree, she also interned at the Jewish Home for the Aged and the Community Ear Clinic at ACTCM, and ran a private Tui Na massage practice at her school’s clinic during her last year and a half at ACTCM.

Upon graduation, Tina was recognized for her service at ACTCM and leadership potential with the Wally Walker Memorial Award.

Tina has completed numerous post-graduate programs and coursework, focusing on pediatrics, pain management, women’s health, and other specialties.

Prior to opening Needles and Tea, Tina was a researcher in antibody engineering and yeast pheromone pathway for over fifteen years.

Outside the clinic, Tina enjoys spin classes, chasing her red-headed toddler around the house, and planning her family’s next sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands, where she dreams of finding time to relax.

Professional Background


  • Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ACTCM, San Francisco
  • Bachelor in Science in Microbiology, University of California, Davis with a minor in Music


  • California Licensed Acupuncturist (“LAc”) Lic#13126
  • National Diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) (“DiplOM”)


  • Chinese Medicine Pediatrics Certificate Program, taught by Dr. Efrem Korngold and Dr. Stephen Cowan
  • Certified in Asian Body Therapy (specialty in Tui Na)
  • Certified in Clean Needle Technique by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM)
  • Pulse Diagnosis and Biofeedback Internship with Dr. Martha Lucas


  • Acupuncturist and Clinical Supervisor, Department of Integrative Medicine at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, 2012-2016
  • Subject matter expert in the construction of the California acupuncture licensing exam, 2016 & 2015
  • Mentorship with Dr. Alex Feng since 2008


  • 2001 Women’s National Championship in Tai Ji Chuan
  • 2009 Wally Walker Memorial Award


Tina is a published author in scientific journals including Cell, Nature, Nature Methods and Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


Here are some of China’s most famous physicians whose knowledge was handed down by oral tradition for centuries and eventually translated into the medical literature we use today.

Bien Que

circa 500 B.C.

The earliest known Chinese physician, famous for his diagnosis, pulse-taking and acupuncture skills.

Bian Que

Zhang Zhong Jing

150-219 A.D.

The most famous of China's ancient herbal doctors, whose remedies are still used today to treat gynecological disorders, including infertility.


Li Shi Zhen

1518-1593 A.D.

The great Chinese naturalist, he devoted 40 years to revising the Great Chinese Pharmacopoeia (comprising 1,892 herbs!)

Li Shi Zhen